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It's my Nappyversary: I love my hair

It's my nappyversary! I've been natural for 9 whole years. The beast (my hair) and I've been through thick and thick. Finding out what works and doesn't, changes every few months and with various lengths and regimes.

I'd never go back to creamy crack. It's not even an option. I will
probably go back to wearing my hair straightened more consistently one
day. Natural hair is work kinky, curly, or straight.

It's awesome to see so many naturals everywhere I go. For the first
few years, I only saw natural ladies online through YouTube or curly
hair forums. Maybe one day I will get used to people playing in my
hair without permission. O_o

Currently I am on a no heat challenge! I've only blow dried my hair
once this year and it was minimal on the cool heat setting. I always
straighten the beast near my birthday so trying for heated styles once
or twice a year. Trying to see how long I can grow the beast.


Grilled peach & chicken berry salad


Grilled peach & chicken berry salad

Summer salads are so refreshing. It seems as if every restaurant is promoting their own summer salad-chicken, random fruit, and greens. The minors and Huni loved this salad. it was quick and easy. Let me be honest, this salad was created by my desire for not feeling like cooking and the white peaches were on sale at Kroger. 

Grilled peach & chicken berry salad

by Kimber Lee

Keywords: grill salad paleo chicken breast blueberry white peach orange summer


  • 1 lb chicken breasts
  • 3 white peaches
  • 1/2 cup of blueberries
  • Mixed greens
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • 1 tablespoons of evoo
  • 4 Oranges
  • 2 teaspoons liquified raw honey
  • 1/8 teaspoon cracked black pepper


Season the chicken breasts with salt and pepper

Grill the chicken until fully cooked

Slice the peaches and grill for about 3-5 minutes (I like mine to still have a crunch)

Mix the blueberries and your mixed greens

Add the chicken to your salad mix

Add peaches on top of your salad

Drizzle salad dressing


Salad Dressing Directions

Juice the four orange

small bowl mix the fresh orange juice and evoo well.

Add raw honey

Add zest of 1/2 an orange

Add black pepper

Add 1/8 tsp salt

Add 1/8 tsp garlic

Drizzle over salad!

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One thing this salad was missing was bacon. It must be the paleo in me. I will definitely try this next time. 




    Thrift Recreations & Refashions

    My recent thrift recreations and refashions. I'll do a tutorial for the dress into a romper soon. I just have to find another dress.  



    Soul Food Sundays: Paleo Style featuring the BEST chicken thighs ever


    Eating healthy and soul food doesn't usually go hand in hand, right?!? Wrong!!!

    I'm going to show y'all a few times a month how a southern gal keeps on the paleo "diet" and eats a delicious meal just as if eating at my mama's house!

    Many non paleo meals can be modified which makes it so easy to remain paleo. Trial and error is the key!

    I made collard greens, scalloped sweet potatoes, and the BEST chicken thighs on earth!!!! Lord knows this recipe was the best thing that happened to me.

    I tried to make a paleo upside down pineapple cake. It was a complete fail. One of those fails where you become annoyed that you wasted so many ingredients. :(  When I find the perfect cake, y'all will be the second to know. My tummy, then y'all!

    Collard greens, fried sweet potatoes, and the best chicken thighs ever!!!!


    Clean and cook your collards as you normally would, with the exception of the meat you would use to season it . What?!? You don't use meat to season your collards?!? You are missing out on some thangs! I used Nitrate free bacon and it's lovely fatty greasy oil. 

    Fried sweet potatoes are my absolute favorite. Even before paleo.

    2 lbs sweet potatoes
    4 tbs of coconut oil
    1 tbs of cinnamon

    1. Add oil to a frying pan and set the temperature to medium heat.
    2. Peel your sweet potatoes
    3. Cut sweet potatoes 1/8" thick
    4. Add sweet potatoes and cinnamon
    5. Cover for 5 minutes, but stir often so the sweet potatoes don't burn.
    6. Lower the heat and cook until soft (approximately 10 minutes). Keep covered.
    7. Serve hot
    8. Enjoy

    The best chicken thighs ever!!


    This recipe was a Pinterest find. I mistakenly bought chicken thighs and didn't know what to do with them. Pinterest is always a lifesaver. I followed the recipe, but substituted 2 tbs of franks hot sauce for the 2 tsp of cayenne pepper, and used smoked paprika from trader joes instead of regular paprika. Spicy Lemon Paprika Chicken Thighs are a win!  

    The minors loved this and requested thirds. Huni is still talking about how good the chicken was. I've made it twice since pinning.



    Never Forget

    When the verdict was released, my heart broke-for Trayvon's parents and for my children. I will not share my thoughts, but I will share this: never forget what happened to this young child, and always be aware. I made my children promise me that they would never forget and that they would stay aware. http://trayvonmartinfoundation.org/ 

    Trayvon Martin Foundation

    Trayvon Martin Foundation

    There were some real life lessons that I taught my children tonight and I pray that they never forget. Please, I ask any of you reading if you have children (niece, nephew, Godchild)...talk to them about this case. A real talk-no filter-but don't instill fear in them. Instill love and self-worth because the world is cold and justice is far.  



    Paleo Please

    I started the paleo lifestyle back when I did the whole30. I lost my baby weight quick and I was happy. I felt great and I had been eating clean for a few months prior, which didn't yield the same results as the whole30.

    Back story- I was a vegetarian for three years. I ate minimally processed food, but truth be told, it could have been less processed. But isn't that always the case? I always said that I straddled the vegetarian fence. I didn't start eating meat (chicken and maybe shrimp) until 2010, and it was rare social occasions where I would have probably died and gone to heaven if I didn't. I wasn't a healthy vegetarian. Part of my pregnancy, I was on the cupcake and French Fries diet. If you google this "diet," nothing will surface, it was me just eating cupcakes, Chick fila fries and either a sweet tea or lemonade. I just didn't eat meat, so I was "healthy."


    2012 I researched that meat wasn't the cause of bad and unhealthy fats and horrible diseases. So after the whole30 I stuck with paleo and all it's awesomeness. Birthdays and holidays were hard and I realized that I will never be 100% Paleo. I honestly don't think I will ever attempt to be. Lifestyle versus diets allow for modifications. I'm real big on the number 85. In research, it's impossible to have 100% probability. So there's always that 5% room for error. If its 95%, then it's true. So with 95% being the closest to 100 and people being the furthest away from perfect I stumbled across 85. If you're 85% *insert something you're pretty good to me.

    I love Paleo because my body loves Paleo. But I also love red wine and Chipotle. Some days I love the paleo approved chipotle, but most trips it's the my stomach will bloat for a few. *sigh* I felt bad for a while because I'm a paleo promoter and I cheat so bad. I have realized that I do have an intolerance to gluten. So I keep that in mind, when I cheat. My stomach sometimes will look like I'm three months pregnant, and my skin won't be as clear. Monday through Thursday, I'm good to go. The issue comes when I have to eat out of the house for meals. I'm working on staying paleo in public. Ill share tips throughout my journey.

    Funny after I completed this blog, I ran across this article, and discovered the 7 shades of paleo. Here is where I fit in:

    Fifth Shade of Paleo – The 80/20 Paleo (Also known as the Weekday Paleo)
    This is my personal favorite shade and I would guess it’s where the bulk of us probably fall.  Basically stated, we eat clean paleo about 80-90 percent of the time and the other 10-20 percent we eat what would be considered non-paleo foods.  This could mean some cheese, wine, ice cream, etc.  This is a SANE and healthy approach as long as the 20 percent is kept under control (this does not mean a 4 hour food fest that starts with Dunkin Donuts, moves on to Dominos and ends with Dairy Queen).

    Now to sharing more recipes without those guys harassing me. ;)



    Kimber Lee Online


    I have so many projects going on, if you were wondering where I've been. I finally launched a site for my life coaching business Kimber Lee Online. For a while I contemplated wether to add a blog or not, but I did, check it out. I think that when people are transparent and share a part of their story, it will in turn help others. Plus I'm really working on transparency. I am probably one of the most private persons in America. It's a weird type of private because I love people, talking, and sharing, but it's generally surface level. Unless I feel it can help a specific individual. With blogging, you never know who is reading, so I figure the sky is the limit, I've owned my story fully for a few months now. I've owned parts of my story forever, but some thing's are always a little tough to say "yeah, that happened," and truly have no regrets or sad feelings or discomfort. If you are a fan of Burr's Blur's when I write openly about random thoughts and situations, you will love KO!

    Adding the online components, I hope to help even more women. I want to teach women to love and forgive themselves, and process through any victimization so they can lead full passionate lives. Who wouldn't want to wake up euphorically happy every morning?!? Like orgasmic pleasure daily..lol...seriously though my clients are loving the process and I knew I needed to share the wealth. Join that blog also and I think in a month, I'll do a giveaway for a free package.

    Later loves.