Manicure in a jar (Easy DIY gift)

 I saw this on Pinterest and thought how cute for a ladies sleepover, spa night, just how freaking cute? Then I realized I didn't get Diva's teacher a gift yet nor my secret Santa, and the pin came to mind.


Materials Needed
Mason Jar
Cotton Balls
Travel Size Nail Polish Remover
Nail Polish
Mini manicure set


Ok so are you ready?
1. Drop the cotton balls in the jar
2. Position the nail polish remover in
3. Drop everything else inside
4. Put the top on the jar
                                   5. You're done!

Manicure set, cotton balls, mini polishes, & polish remover

How easy was that? You can choose to decorate the jar anyway you see fit. Maybe drawing with a Sharpie marker, adding glitter to half, stenciling the persons initials. I added ribbon around which doubled as a way to secure the tag with a sweet little message encouraging the recipient to pamper herself. I also added a felt flower to the top of the jar lid.

The manicure set I got had a nail file, cuticle clipper, cuticle pusher, nail clipper, nail brush, and toe separator. It came in a cute pouch that I saved.

 Price breakdown for my recessionistas. :)

Mason jar 1.24
Manicure set 1.00 (michaels, $1 tree, Walmart)
Cotton balls (free-already had some)
Nail polish $3.50 (went to Marshall's and got a Orly gift set 4 polishes for $7 and split between two jars)
Ribbon $1 (on sale at Michaels-really cheaper than $1 because I have so much left after two jars)
Felt flowers $0.98 ($1.97 on sale at Michaels for two and split between two jars)

Totaling: $7.73 beats a stupid $10 gift card. Gift cards are so impersonal.